Wat Phra Kaew (Royal Temple)

Wat Phra Sri Ratanasasadaram, familiarly called the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha” or Wat Phra Kaew, houses the Emerald Buddha Image and was constructed in 1783.


The temple has an area to house Buddha images but lacks accommodation to house monks. The temple is enclosed by walls on four sides. The inner wall forms a gallery for mural paintings depicting the story of the Ramakian in its entirely. There are seven entrances to the temple.

On the western side there are 3 gates known as the Hermit, the Koeysadet (Rear) and the Sanam Chai Gates. On the eastern side, there are 2 gates, the Koeysadet (Front) and Na Wua Gates. The Koeysadet (Front) Gate, in particular, is very beautiful. On the northern side, there is only one gate, the Viharn Yod and on the southern side, there is also only one gate, namely the Sri Ratanasasada Gate, which leads to the middle zone of the Grand Palace.

The temple houses various religious structures and objects including:

  • the Phra Ubosot
  • the Emerald Buddha Image
  • the Sala Rai around the Phra Ubosot
  • the Ratchaphongsanusorn Buddha Image Hall
  • the Ratchaknoramanusorn Buddha Image Hall
  • the Bell Tower
  • the Khanthararat Buddha Image Hall
  • the Phra Mondop
  • the Monthientham Buddha Image Hall
  • the Nag Buddha Image Hall
  • the Viharn Yod Buddha Image Hall
  • the Prasat Phra Thep Bidorn
  • the Phra Sri Ratana Chedi
  • the cast metal elephants (arranged around the Phra Mondop)
  • the miniature Angkor Wat
  • the stone Buddha Images and the Eight Spires